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U.S Army JROTC Mission

To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens!

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SAI Messeges

All Cadets & Leaders should be positive: Our attitude as a leader has a tremendous impact on your People. As a leader, you must always have a positive attitude and trust me -- sometime you'll have to dig pretty deep but you have to find it! Your People are depending on your attitude to shape theirs. You have to motivate, inspire, excite and ignite your subordinates. You have to make them believe in themselves, the unit, its goals, vision and mission. They have to know they can accomplish what they set out to accomplish. Your positive attitude will give your people the "can-do" attitude they need to punch above their weight class and do things they never thought they could do.

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Core Abilities

  • Build your capacity for lifelong learning.

  • Communicate using verbal, non-verbal, visual, and written techniques. 

  • Take responsibility for your actions and choices.

  • Do your share as a good citizen in your school, community, country and the world.

  • Treat self and others with respect.

  • Use critical thinking techniques.


ALL Army JROTC Instructor are Retired Army Soldiers who have served more than 20+ years in the service. They bring wealth of knowledge and experience from mutiple discipline and area of specialty to the program. They are fully certified by the Army Cadet Command as Cadet Instructors

Senior Army Instructor

Lieutenant Colonel GR Gulley

LTC Gulley Served 26 years in the Army. He was an Infantry Officer and a Professor of Military Science for ROTC at St John's University. His commanding assignments included multiple oversea deployments in Afghanistan, Iraq, Djibouti and Special Ops Command. He holds two master degrees and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in Leadership education and development, Classroom instructions and Organizational Management

718-297-6580 x 4293

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Cyber Army Instructor

Sergeant First Class, Qiyu (Steven) Luo

SFC Luo served 24 years in the Army. He was an Infantry Soldier and Organization Manager for multiple military units. He served combat tour in Iraq and other multiple oversea assignments to include Germany, Kuwait and Australia. He has wealth of experience and knowledge in the Signal/Cyber Operations, Leadership Development, Human Resource Management, and Classroom Instructions. He has a Master Degree of Science and currently holds multiple Industry recognized Cyber Certifications.

718-297-6580 x 4291

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To Learn More About Our Program

We Offer Two Program Track, Traditional JROTC and Cyber JROTC. We also offer multiple extracurricular programs to enhance cadet development. Click Below to find out more.

School Staff

Thomas Edison JROTC Program are in partnership and collaboration with the Thomas Edison Career Technical Education Program. We receive valuable support from the school principal and faculty. Below are some of the key school staff members that you might encounter when interacting with our programs.

Mr. Moses

Mr. Navindra Haripersaud

Ms. Mariela Chevry




718-297-6580 x 1271

718-297-6580 x 4171

718-297-6580 x 1331

Ms. Aileen 


718-297-6580 x 1386

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